Welcome to Belize Birds and Nature Travel

The only English-speaking country in Central America borders Mexico to the north, Guatemala to West and South, Caribbean sea to the East.. Belize is considered to be one of the smallest countries in the western hemisphere and has the second largest barrier reef in the world running through it. Want to experience culture? At least ten different cultures including Garifuna, Maya, Creole, Mestizo, East Indian, and Mennonites call Belize home.

Belize also lays claim to hundreds of ancient Maya temples, which were home to one of the world’s most Lubaantun mysterious civilizations dating as far back as the Maya peak, known as the Classic Period (AD 250–1000). Curious climbers can explore excavated tombs and examine complex hieroglyphs while adventurers can explore into natural caves to see where the Maya kings performed rituals and made sacrifices to the gods of their underworld.

Belize has a land mass of intact tropical rainforest which flourishes with wildlife. Belize also boasts the only jaguar reserve in the world and the highest waterfall in Central America. Filled with countless elusive birds and animals, with careful spotting, visitors can easily spot howler monkeys, peccaries, coati, gibnuts, crocodiles, green iguanas, Baird’s Tapir (National Animal of Belize) as well as the impressive Keel-billed Toucan (National Bird) which most of the time is the show off.

Belize is home to more than 100 different kinds of coral and some 500 species of fish. This beguiling underwater world is undoubtedly the top attraction in Belize. Snorkelers swim through clear crystal seas gazing at beautiful colored coral, fish and turtles

Bird Paradise, with some 570 species and counting, amateur and experienced birders aim their binoculars and scopes along rivers and lagoons and in the tropical rainforest.

Belize fact 1: Forty percent of Belize’s land mass is protected — more than any country in the world. Because of this, Belize’s natural attractions are superlative, from the limpid Caribbean waters scattered with islands called “Cayes”, to the dense inland forest abundant with wildlife. While Belize has approximately the same area as El Salvador. The latter El Salvador is home to a staggering 6.5 million people where as Belize is home to only 369,000!


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