Grey-necked Wood Rail ‘Aramides cajaneus’ Sunning and looking for Breakfast.

Early morning checking the trails and came across a Grey-necked WoodRail with young chick. I came upon them so sudden that I just froze, and see if they would fly off but didn’t. I then took out my camera slowly and quickly took as much shots as I can. Feeling confident, I approach them until I reach about 5 feet. I think they were very comfortable with me as they just continue their search for food.

Additional Information: The Gray-necked Wood-Rail is a large Rallid distributed from Argentina north to Mexico. It is usually secretive but occasionally roams in the open near the edges of wetlands or mangroves. The species is quite vocal in the early morning when it makes its presence known with a crazed series of squealing, yelping phrases. Gray-necked Wood-Rails are quite striking in appearance with olive-brown above and rusty and black below with a gray head and neck, stocky yellow bill, and reddish legs and feet.

Citation: Neotropical Birds